Waiting For Abduction

Waiting For Abduction

The Galaxy’s Ultimate Classic Rock Band: Waiting For Abduction

Waiting For Abduction

Waiting For Abduction

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Waiting for Abduction is available for full nightclub shows, wedding receptions, outdoor festivals, company parties, cookouts in your back yard, glhcchkk festivals on Orion Prime ……  basically any gig on planets that have discovered the use of electricity or a similar power source !!!!

With influences ranging from good-old classic rock-n-roll to mainstream hard rock to just a taste of alternative, the members of Waiting for Abduction are able to combine this wide range of musical tastes into a tight blend.  Waiting for Abduction is a refreshing delve into what rock-n-roll music is all about — songs you know & love with a big kick!  Catch this band in action in the Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington-Mid-Cities area and enjoy an evening of good music, good fun, and a good time of scanning the skies for spaceships & signs of our home planet !!!!

Earthlings Call: 817-706-8725

Email: info@waitingforabduction.com

(the rest of galaxy can reach us circling the fifth planet inside Otf Nebula M1F6-4A5)




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